NO RICH AND NO POOR: The Populist Goal We CAN and Must Win

NO RICH AND NO POOR: The Populist Goal We CAN and Must Win

Most Americans (like people elsewhere) would LOVE to remove the rich from power to have real–not fake–democracy with no rich and no poor. The main reasons it hasn’t happened are that 1) people don’t know it’s the vast majority who want it to happen (the mass media keep this a secret) and therefore think it’s impossible and 2) people have doubts it would or could work and be desirable because they know how truly ugly and anti-democratic Communism was and is. This book addresses all of these concerns and shows how it really is possible and very desirable to make an egalitarian revolution to remove the rich from power and have real–not fake–democracy with no rich and no poor. One can read in this book about how to help build an egalitarian revolutionary movement by doing something that can be done as part of one’s routine busy life with a job or school work or child care to attend to, something that costs nothing, is legal and safe, and–yes!–FUN. And yet this activity is a tactic for implementing a strategy for removing the rich from power that is not (as so many others are) based on wishful thinking: it is as serious as a heart attack. This book also explains this strategy. The premises of the book are based on the author’s personal experience and the experiences of others. This book illustrates how an egalitarian movement can understand what is happening in the United States today (for example why Americans are split right down the middle on “social issues”) and use that understanding to build solidarity where the ruling elite have presently created bitter division. If you read this book you will learn how to find out–for yourself!–that you are surrounded by people who agree with you in wanting a world with no rich and no poor. You will start seeing the world in a new way, a way that makes it seem very reasonable to talk about how you really want the world to be, instead of about which “lesser evil” you prefer, or what band-aid solution you’ll grudgingly accept for what you know is a Big Problem that requires a Big Solution.

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