“MURDER BY PROXY” EPPIE Award Winner Thriller/Adventure

“MURDER BY PROXY”   EPPIE Award Winner Thriller/Adventure

To Benjamin Roan, the secret mission seems simple: save the life of the President of the United States. The president is dying of leukemia. With no close relatives, a bone marrow donor cannot be found. He is doomed. Then.a confession–He has a secret daughter, the result of a liaison when he was in college. He has had no contact with her since. His only hope is for Roan to find his daughter and bring her to Washington. But the mission must be kept secret. If she is not a match, the scandal of having an illegitimate child can be kept quiet. Also, there are people who want the President dead. If they knew Roan’s mission, they would try to kill the girl. Roan’s regrets begin the minute he meets the girl. She is gorgeous–and opinionated and suspicious. The regrets escalate when bad people begin trying to kill her–and him. And the regrets really get out of hand when he discovers he is falling in love. Now he not only has to save her life, he has to find a way to make her change her fear and resentment to love. It won’t be easy. She told him: “I hate you. I hate your mother. I hate your father. I hate your dog. I even hate your cat, and I love cats.” Can he change her mind? Can he save the President? All he has to do is keep her–and himself–alive.Used Book in Good Condition

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